Strongbow Cider Progressed Advertising by embracing AI.

Strongbow Cider Progressed Advertising by embracing AI.

Strongbow Cider Progressed Advertising by embracing AI.


"Sisonke is a South African term denoting a collective endeavor. Through this collaboration, we aimed to underscore the significance of shared moments for their consumers. Despite hailing from diverse backgrounds and having undergone distinct experiences, we discovered joy and festivity," remarks Brand Manager Marco Vandeput. 

Strongbow is a household name known as irrefutably as a remarkable drink. The biggest-selling cider in the UK alone and embarks to do the same for South Africa by embracing the festive and adventures take. The Innovation in their beverage is not one of this brand's weaknesses. Together we faced this challenge head-on with their latest campaign AI campaign. How our Strongbow Cider's AI Campaign resulted in their highest performing campaign for Visual Storytelling In today's fast-paced world of gaining viral moments and attention from users worldwide, we stood out amidst the noise. However, we admit that this project was one of our Top 5 favorite collaborations for 2023. 

Their ROI (Return on Investment) results were gained by collaborating with their audience through the merging of connection and community, steering clear of the isolation and detachment digital campaigns can sometimes evoke. We aimed to empower the community to co-create the brand and construct a contemporary communal space brimming with the utmost creative expression using AI. Instead of sticking to conventional methods, we saw a great eagerness to explore the untapped potential of AI Imagery for their various social media accounts. Let's take a closer look at how Strongbow's AI campaign resulted in not only turned heads but also made a compelling case for the superiority of AI-driven campaigns over traditional approaches. Their production campaigns which are live commercials only accumulated around 2.3 Million Views on average. Our AI campaign gained 3.5 Million on YouTube alone by comparing their content to ours over the last 12 months.

What's even more impressive is that our AI content has gone viral in less than 3 months. "Now that's a pretty wild twin!" - NIGHTWOLF.

Going about the character development process

Going about the character development processWe created 3 unique digital avatars to represent each of their 3 flavors. Their names would represent Dry as their founding beverage and Berry would represent a smooth, sweet, and yet bold flavor and Fizz would represent his outgoing and adventurous flavor for the world's no.1 cider. We together recognized the need to break free from the mold and deliver something truly captivating to their community and lovers across South Africa, we embrace Sisonke. 

The task at hand? Reinvents visual storytelling in a way that resonates with today's consumers who crave authenticity and innovation by making content relatable and recognizable.

- Creating 3 Unique Characters (Berry, Dry, Fizz) 
- In-depth cultural origin creation. 
- Creating Detailed Personalities and Features.


In conclusion, Strongbow's AI-powered campaign stands as a testament to the transformative potential of AI for creative advertising at even a commercial level. By embracing innovation and creativity, the brand, not only gained the attention of a large audience but has also set a new standard for advertising in virality, innovation, and realism with our AI tech. As we look ahead, it's clear that AI will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of advertising, unlocking new possibilities, and redefining the way brands connect with their consumers in a rapidly evolving digital footprint of AI content that is timeless.
If you're looking to see how AI content can scale your content contact us and schedule a call. We look forward to seeing the world innovated by still keeping the human touch.
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